We receive lots of questions from shepherds who are new to the Jacob breed.  We don’t have all the answers, but we do have some ideas about where to find answers.  So here is our list of go-to resources.  Of course, you’re still welcome to contact us – we love talking sheep!

Raising Sheep: The Basics

Still deciding on whether or not to raise sheep?  Mother Earth News published a nice article about adding heritage breed sheep (such as Jacobs) to a small farm.  It briefly discusses choosing a breed, fencing, feeding, breeding and predators.

Sheep 201

This is a good go-to resource for sheep owners.  It covers getting started, facilities and equipment, reproduction and breeding, health, lambing, management, feeds and feeding, predators, environmental stewardship, marketing and economics.

Jacob Sheep Breeders Association

Jacob Sheep Breeders Association (JSBA) is the association through which we register our purebred Jacobs.  The site has a lot of useful information, including breed standard, pedigree search, member listings, guide to showing, membership info and information about Jacobs.

Jacob Sheep Information (Facebook Page)

If you have access to Facebook, this is an excellent forum to ask fellow shepherds your pressing questions about … well … just about anything.  Many of the most well-known and experienced Jacob breeders are members of this page.  Most questions receive answers and recommendations based on shepherds experiences across the U.S., and sometimes Canada and the U.K.

Feeding the Flock

Penn State Extension has this useful site for putting together flock feed ration options for ewes based on where they are in gestation.  Their numbers are based on 135 lb production ewes (your Jacobs are probably a little smaller), but it is a good measure for how nutrition requirements change over the year for the flock.