Welcome to Splendid Spotted Sheep, LLC of Halleaux Farm in Durand, Michigan.  We are a family owned and operated farm, raising hardy and colorful heritage breed sheep for food and fiber.

The farmers, Douglas and Savannah Halleaux, operate the farm in addition to their “day jobs,” which makes keeping things simple on the farmstead a must.

That’s a large part of why the Jacobs are the breed of choice here.  Jacobs are hardy, self sufficient, parasite and disease resistant, lamb easily and take full advantage of the farm philosophy: let sheep be sheep.

Within the Jacob Sheep Breeder’s Association’s breed standards, we favor Jacob sheep with a larger build and quality fleece for roving and yarn.  We also have a CVM/Romeldale ewe, a Finnsheep ewe and a selection their Jacob-cross progeny to keep things interesting.

Check out our site and let us know if you would like to have some lovely wool roving or yarn or to have a splendid spotted sheep of your own!